March 2, 2020

Published: March 2, 2020
Superintendent Reports


It is March! During this month, we will enter the last quarter of the school year. That means kids are excited about their next step: new grade, new building, post-secondary work, college or military. Our Tigers are ready to do great things! 

March also represents the introduction of spring-like weather and our spring sports. It’s hard to believe we are already practicing outdoor sports like golf, baseball, track, and soccer. Although Missouri’s weather historically has a mind of its own, it is my hope the winter weather is behind us and we will be able to get back to school on a regular basis. This school year we missed a total of nine scheduled days due to inclement weather. It really was an unusual year of cancellations. We did not have a significant snowfall this winter. This school year’s wintry weather caught us at the most inopportune times. We also received more ice than snow, making the untimely early morning decisions even more difficult. Several times, we had to make a decision based on the forecast. A slight variance in forecasted degrees and actual degrees can be the difference between making a perceived excellent decision or a perceived poor decision. The day we canceled school for a cold 32 degree rain was not a great feeling. But, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Because we built in extra hours into this year’s academic calendar, we are not required to make-up all missed days. We already made up one day on February 17 and we are scheduled to make-up a second day on Friday, April 10. Barring further weather cancellations this school year, our last day of school will be Friday, May 15 which is also a half-day (11:30 release at the elementary and high school and 11:50 release at the middle school). If we should miss more days due to weather, we will provide a “Last Day of School” update. We will send notifications home and we will additionally announce all updates on our district social media accounts. 

As the winter comes to a close, I think back through the many times our city and county workers helped us clear our roads and parking lots so we could have school. As superintendent of schools, I appreciate the support our area workers have shown our district over the years. We greatly appreciate all laborers throughout the city who support the St. James R-I School District.   

The Board of Education, administration, and school nutrition team would like to remind all the workers throughout our community (city workers, police department, highway patrol, sheriff’s office, bus drivers, Intercounty Electric workers, fire department, ambulance department, etc.) about our annual Community Appreciation Breakfast which will be held next Wednesday, March 11 from 7-9am at the Middle School. This is always a great opportunity for us to thank our local workers throughout the community as they join us for some good food and fellowship on this morning.