February 3, 2020

Published: February 3, 2020
Superintendent Reports


I recently had the privilege to speak to our very own Forest City Homemakers Club. This group of homemakers includes several retired St. James R-I staff and other involved community members from various backgrounds. The majority of the members are from the St. James area, but there are a few from our neighboring communities. The club started in 1973 and was originally affiliated with the county extension office. It is mostly a social club and designed for members to enjoy each other’s company. This club allows members to stay connected to what’s going on in the world, state, and community. There is an organized program every month, therefore it is not exclusively social. For example, in April the members will be touring the Fort Leonard Wood Installation to be become more familiar with the post. Several of the members have never been on the post, so it will be a day of discovery and learning for them. On other occasions, the members have been known to make crafts and to participate in other fun activities.  

In early January, Jan Adams invited me to speak about many of the great things going on at St. James R-I Schools, including an update about our building projects. I had the opportunity to explain the timeline of the projects, beginning with the passage of the April 2018 ballot issue and where we presently stand with anticipated completion dates. The group had many thought-provoking questions and I feel they are now satisfactorily updated on our progress. So, if you have any questions about where we stand on our projects or other school related information, it might serve you well to ask one of these well-informed citizens. I appreciated the hospitality and encouragements displayed by the members and enjoyed learning about their distinguished club. The members are a very welcoming group and in the words of Bonnie Satterfield, it is a “snob-free” crowd. If you are interested in joining the Forest City Homemakers Club you may contact President Linda Moore, Secretary Connie Pirtle, or Treasurer Jan Adams for more information. I look forward to the next time I am honored to present before this exceptional group of area residents!