March 11, 2019

Published: March 11, 2019
Superintendent Reports


It is March! During this month, we will enter the last quarter of the school year. That means kids are excited about their next step: new grade, new building, post-secondary work, college or military. Our Tigers are ready to do great things!

March also represents the introduction of spring-like weather and our spring sports. It’s hard to believe we are already practicing outdoor sports like golf, baseball, track, and soccer. Although Missouri’s weather historically has a mind of its own, it is my hope the winter weather is behind us and we will be able to get back to school on a regular basis. This school year we missed a total of seven scheduled days due to inclement weather. Because of these cancellations, we also maintained a make-up day table to help communicate how these missed days will be made up for the remainder of the school year. Our last day of school is now Thursday, May 23 which is also a half-day.

There is nothing wrong with an occasional snow day during the winter months. These days give children and parents the opportunity to enjoy family time in the home… or outside building snowmen and/or other snow/ice activities. With weather also comes unplanned safety issues. One such event occurred on the evening of February 6. An electrical pole near the high school was mysteriously struck by an object and was being held up only from the tension of the lines on it. This leaning pole posed a danger to our patrons and therefore the St. James Electric Department had no choice but to repair it as quickly as possible. The following day, on February 7, the electric department workers (Chuck, Ryan, Grant, and Skyler) did a great job coordinating with the district about a good time to shut down the electricity. Because the high school building would lose power during the repair period, the public works director and electrical department agreed to postpone the project until the afternoon. It was very cold that day and they sacrificed their evening away from their families so our students would have heat in the building later in the afternoon. As superintendent of schools, I appreciated these city workers for delaying the repair of the electrical pole. By delaying the project, these men had to work in more extreme wintry weather and beyond their regular work hours. This is just one example of the support our city workers have shown our district over the years. We greatly appreciate all laborers throughout the city who support the St. James R-I School District.

The Board of Education, administration, and school nutrition team would like to remind all the workers throughout our community (city workers, police department, highway patrol, sheriff’s office, bus drivers, Intercounty Electric workers, fire department, ambulance department, etc.) about our annual Community Appreciation Breakfast which will be held this Friday, March 15 from 7-9am at the Middle School. Please join us for some good food and fellowship on this morning.