July 22, 2019

Published: July 22, 2019
Superintendent Reports


Evidence of forthcoming construction finally took place this past week! Fencing has been placed around portions of the high school and elementary in preparation for construction. Heavy equipment is starting to arrive on both campuses. BRANCO conducted pre-construction meetings with all subcontractors last Friday. Construction phasing and other details were conveyed to the contractors during these meetings. Presently, contractors are in the initial phase of all projects. Over the next few days and weeks, much will take place. Crews will be excavating dirt, taking down trees, and tearing up pavement in preparation to run various lines and lay foundations. It is the goal of all contractors to complete as much of this phase as possible before the first day of school on August 14. However, there will remain much to complete after the beginning of the school year. We fully anticipate several bus routing and entry/exit usage changes for students at the high school and elementary this school year. As soon as we are given updates from BRANCO on changes that will impact students, we will immediately communicate these changes to you on our District Facebook and Twitter pages, website, and through other appropriate communication media.

Although the construction process has been slow in development, it is now a reality and something we all will have to work around this upcoming school year. I am excited about the opportunities that will come with these projects. As the building projects unfold, I look forward to the interaction between staff, parents, and the community as we band together to traverse through the inevitable challenges we will face. As a district, it is our goal to maintain a safe learning environment every single day for all students as we complete these projects. We will be updating progress with up-to-date information and pictures until completion next year. This information can be found on our website, under the “Building Projects Update” tab. If you have any questions or concerns during the construction process, please do not hesitate to contact me at: mj@stjschools.org or call 573-265-2300.