December 31, 2019

Published: December 31, 2019
Superintendent Reports


Happy New Year!!!

As we begin another year, I am filled with positivity and enthusiasm for what 2020 has in store for St. James R-I Schools! We greet this new year with reflections of the past, anticipation of the future, and resolutions to be better people, to accomplish our goals and to make a difference. We may want to be kinder, more productive, or maybe just healthier!!! Each time we move into a new year, we feel like it is another chance for us to get it right. 

The 2020 goal for St. James R-I is much more than just educating our children. The most important thing for us to collectively get right is preparing our children for the future. Every one of us has an integral role to play, whether parent, school administrator, teacher, board member, community activist, church leader, elected official, business leader, or student. This has to be one of those “from all walks of life” missions. We have to agree that the preparation begins at birth and while we know the parent is the child’s first teacher… we also know it is much more complex, requiring every one of us to contribute. Of course, one of the challenges is to orchestrate the collaboration, working in harmony, and ensuring no one is left behind. There is a great deal to be done and much of it is hard work. And, it is never ending work.  

The problem with resolutions is that often, when you slip or fall, you give up completely, and wait for the next year for a chance to get it right. So, it’s okay to avoid cornering ourselves in the “all or nothing” resolution challenge. What we can do is make a commitment to start each day as another opportunity to get it right. We will have to constantly reflect on the past, as recently as yesterday, and chart a course for the future. St. James is a special place, even though we have a number of challenges. We should always remember to look around and see the beauty that surrounds us. The festivities and carolers bring the sound of the holidays to our streets and homes. We utilize our resources carefully to grow and learn. As a community, we can embrace our opportunities and take advantage of being St. James Tigers while working together to provide a meaningful experience for all of our students. The old saying about “grow where you are planted” is something that we can think about and discover how we can do our part in supporting the growth. Every student is here for a purpose, and we will provide what we have to assist each individual in “growing where they are planted,” while continuing to find ways to maximize that process. And, I know we can only get it right together, so I will continually look for ways we will make 2020 the best year yet at St. James R-I Schools! It is the only way!

 Go Tigers!!! #stjtigerpride