April 8, 2019

Published: April 8, 2019
Superintendent Reports


Last week the patrons within the boundaries of the St. James R-I School District voted to re-elect four accomplished and dedicated board members. Carl Behr, Justin Sybert, Tina Spurgeon, and Tim Wilson were re-elected to continue to serve on the Board of Education. Carl and Tina will serve three-year terms expiring in 2022, while Justin and Tim will complete two vacated seats expiring in 2021. Since being on the Board, these four members have demonstrated their willingness to do what is in the best interest of all students when making districtwide decisions. The stability of a board is critical when creating and implementing short and long range districtwide plans. Plans such as updating and improving the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP), overseeing the completion of present and future building improvement projects, goal setting, policy review and implementation, and approval of the annual budget. Re-electing these four members to continue this good work, along with members Shalena Doss, Larry Rinehart, and Barb Smith, brings a stabilizing force and reassures our public that a consistent theme will continue at St. James R-I Schools into the future. A top priority of the St. James R-I Board of Education continues to be the creation of teamwork and advocacy for the high achievement and healthy development of all children in the community. As a reminder, board members receive no form of compensation for serving, spend countless hours reviewing policy and participating in trainings, and do so with the understanding that they risk long-time friendships and affiliations. We look forward to the many great things yet to come, including continued district growth which will take place under the leadership of these four re-elected members.