April 15, 2019

Published: April 15, 2019
Superintendent Reports


Five years ago, the leadership at St. James Schools made a critical decision to bring Capturing Kids Hearts into our schools. This program brings in a transformational process which yields results through leadership, clear expectations, accountability, and the modeling of desired outcomes. These skills, which comprise the Capturing Kids Hearts Process, can turn problem classrooms into problem solving centers of learning. Since implementation of the CKH process at St. James R-I Schools, results have been evident in decreased discipline issues and office referrals as well as in increased attendance. According to the CKH leadership, for true transformation to take place a consistent implementation over several years may also yield an increase in academic data.

Lucy Wortham James Elementary School’s recent Showcase award helped the district complete the CKH Trifecta as we have now moved onto relatively uncharted territory. This distinction comes parallel to the high school being confirmed for its second year and the middle school being confirmed for its third year. The staff on all three campuses should be commended for implementing detailed practices which are put into place each day as they dedicate themselves to all of our students. It starts with what we do and then it becomes who we are.

Flip Flippen and several leaders from the CKH headquarters in Texas called us on April 12  to congratulate each of our campuses for receiving the National Showcase Award, which qualified us for the National Showcase District Award. We are one of only two districts in the country to receive this prestigious districtwide award this year!!! Flip continually remarked that this award is not a random handout or participation award…instead, it is only for the top districts in the nation who embody the true essence of CKH. We were fortunate enough to have a few high school students join us during the conference call with Flip and his team. One of the things that resonated with us was listening to the students talk about the noticeable difference when they entered classrooms once we began the process and how it’s now ingrained in them. They were so excited to share many of their experiences since we introduced CKH at St. James R-I Schools. This award would not be possible without our students, staff, parents, and community members making it a priority to build relationships in all capacities of our lives…and the fruits of this endeavor are what make St. James R-I Schools a high-achieving district of learning where kids really want to attend!  We are so excited about achieving this awesome districtwide award!!!

We appreciate the support of our parents and community as we make it our mission to provide the very best opportunities for our students. We truly have an elite district…one of the best in the NATION! As always, IT’S A GREAT DAY TO BE A TIGER!