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Welcome to the St. James Middle School

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year! I hope you enjoyed a summer vacation filled with fun and exciting memories with your loved ones. We are so excited to welcome all of you back to a new school year of learning and growing.

Personally, I am grateful to continue this journey with you as your Principal. Over the last several years, I have had a chance to meet many of you. I look forward to being able to continue building strong relationships with all of you this year. Back to school days are my favorite time of the year!

As we enter this new school year, I want to let you know that your teachers have been engaged with new learning opportunities such as Capturing Kids Hearts (CKH) and The Power of ICU (this acronym refers to academic intensive care unit) . All teachers that had not yet been trained in CKH had a lot of fun at a two day training this summer. These teachers loved learning about CKH and are so excited to be at a school where capturing the hearts of their students is a main focus.

All staff received training in the Power of ICU. This training helps teachers, students, and parents understand how important it is for learning to occur in classrooms rather than teaching. I know it sounds kind of strange. But learning and teaching are different. So, students will be expected to complete all assignments with quality work just as they always have. But now, we will have times built into the day, as well as before and after school to ensure every assignment it completed by every student. An exciting component for you parents is that when a student does not turn in an assignment, a text and email is sent to the parent immediately. So, excited to see students learning and mastering all standards.

I also would like to make you aware that starting this year, no one will be allowed to stop or park in the front drive for pick up or during games. During after school pick up, this clogs the lane for buses to get through. Also, there have been so many close calls of students and patrons getting hit. So, in an effort to keep everyone safe, we will be directing everyone to park in the parking lot. Thank you so much for supporting our efforts!

I want to personally invite you to attend our Middle School Open House on Monday, August 12th from 5:30 -7:30 PM. This will be a great time to strengthen our St. James Middle School Family, meet teachers and other families, and learn about the upcoming school year.

As always, please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns. This is going to be an amazing school year full of fun and learning!

Kaaren Lepper
Middle School Principal

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