St. James High School

Alternative School


Alternative School


We strive to address the educational needs of each student on a personal level. All students are unique and learn in a different way, but we believe that all students are capable of learning. We are committed to ensuring that all graduates are equipped with the skills necessary to make it in the post-high school world with a clear view and plan for the future.


The Alternative School strives to help students get back into the regular school program by earning missed or lost credits. We also provide an additional path for students to complete their high school diploma while still meeting all of the graduation standards in the district. To assist in helping students succeed, the Alternative School has implemented the MO Options as well as as the Flex program.


  • Assist students in getting back on track for a timely graduation
  • Assist students in catching up on credits and returning to the regular education program
  • Provide rigorous alternative instruction strategies that best fit a student’s learning process
  • Provide a complete education that addresses a student’s curricular needs, career needs, emotional needs, attendance, discipline