COVID-19 – Frequently Asked Questions

Will the closure affect graduation?
Mr. Stammers and his staff continue to evaluate updated information regarding the mandates with  COVID-19.  Graduation has been set for June 26 which is a Friday night at 7:00 pm.  Graduation has been moved to the football field. The outdoor graduation will allow for a safer environment for all those in attendance.  Should we not have an all-clear to host a large, public event then we will continue to move the date of graduation one week at a time with the exception of July 3 so that we avoid the holiday weekend. If an all-clear is not likely as we near August, we will move to a very restricted graduation ceremony or even a virtual graduation ceremony.   

How does this affect Summer School?
We want to ensure our students will receive the best possible education to help alleviate any academic loss during the COVID-19 Closure. A virtual summer school for high school students will begin June 1. We are still planning a seated summer school in July once state and local health officials relax or remove the social distancing guidelines. If necessary, summer school could be postponed as late as early or mid August.

I hear the school teams are going to begin summer activities?
Yes, the school-sponsored MSHSAA activities are going to begin coach supervised activities beginning Monday, June 1 in the gymnasiums, fields, and classrooms. They will be doing so in small groups of 10 or fewer people. Each group who meets will have to follow team activity and health precaution guidelines listed below.

  • No full competitions or contact drills will be allowed until given approval.
  • Social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet will be followed.
  • Staggered times for groups of the same or different teams.
  • Athletes need to bring their own water.  Avoid sharing a water fountain.
  • Shared equipment will be disinfected between workout groups.
  • Disinfectant hand sanitizer when athletes leave.

The weight room will not be allowed to be used until the 6 feet of social distancing has been lifted due to the need for spotters to be in close proximity when performing exercises.  However, some weight lifting equipment (dumbbells, etc.) may be moved to another location to be used.

As the state, county, and local guidelines are modified the school district may amend requirements for team and activity meetings.

Can my community sports teams use the school facilities (gyms, fields, etc.)?
No. Although the school teams and activities are beginning to meet, community teams and outside groups will be unable to use facilities until a later date in order to keep possible health risks as low as possible as we reopen.

How does this affect Prom? Due to Governor Parson’s May 28 announcement to extend Phase 1 of the COVID-19 plan, it has been determined to cancel Prom for 2020.  Social Distancing was extended at least through June 15 for Missouri, so we must cancel Prom and direct our focus to Graduation.

How will this affect Kindergarten Screening appointments?
Kindergarten screenings have been postponed until further notice. All current appointments have been canceled. Please watch the district webpage, Lucy Wortham James Elementary Facebook page, Three Rivers Publishing and KZNN for more updates.

Will the St. James R-I Nutrition Services Program provide meals after May 15?

The St. James R-I Nutrition team recently partnered with Emergency Meals To You (eMTY). The USDA collaborated with Baylor University to sponsor the eMTY. A variety of vendors have partnered with eMTY to provide the meals, package them, and send them by UPS, FedEx, and USPS to all registered families through June 30. If held, the School Nutrition team will be providing the regular summer school meals again during the July or August summer school session.

What do I do if I’m not returning next school year (moving)?
Please call the school or send an email to and the IT Department will arrange a time for you to drop off your devices.

How do I return my device if I am a senior?
Please see the District Collection page located here for more information on district resource collection during the COVID-19 closure.

When will my 5th-grader (incoming 6th-grader) get their iPad for middle school?
If the school is in session for summer school, and your student attends, we will get their iPads to them at that time. Otherwise, we will set dates at the end of the summer (in August) to deploy them, or hand them out on the first day of school.