April 16, 2014

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Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade

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Mrs. Moffett








  1. Tammy Casey says:

    I was just wondering why the teachers have the links for their classes but I have yet to see anyone update them. In the beginning of the school year it says you can find information on what is going on in their classrooms. My son has been in this school since Kindergarten and I have yet to see any teacher update them. He has a red folder that comes home on Monday but when he goes to his dad’s I am lucky to know what is going on that week. Are the teachers going to keep up on this or is it just too much? Thanks, Tammy

    • Hello Tammy

      I will look into this. Obviously it is our goal to maintain any website that teachers create, but you are right, sometimes they just get too busy and the website gets put on the back burner. That is no excuse. I’ll do some looking and see if I can find a way to assist the teachers.


  2. courtney cale says:

    merry christmas

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